If you want to submit your paper to the Mongolian Journal of Biological Sciences, please use the online submission system on this website. Additionally, you can also contact the journal editor through following e-mail:bayartogtokh(at)

You can download the most recent Instructions to Authors using this link.


Submission declaration

The corresponding author must send a signed declaration or email stating that:

the manuscript submitted has not been published, accepted for publication or submitted to any other journal,

all authors approve submission of the manuscript,

all authors involved in the work and entitled to authorship have been included,

the work conforms to the legal requirements of the country in which it was carried out.


General Guidelines for submission

Authors whose native language is not English are requested to have their manuscripts language checked by an English speaker before submission. Manuscripts written in poor English will be returned. Either American or British spelling and grammar are acceptable as long as used consistently throughout the text.

The entire manuscript including the abstract, references, figure legends and tables should be typed with double line spacing on one side of A4 paper. Pages should be numbered consecutively throughout the manuscript.

Do not divide words (turn hyphenation option off) and do not justify the text.

Papers are reviewed by at least two referees before acceptance. Authors may suggest referees for their papers, however, the Editors reserve the right to choose referees other than or in addition to those suggested.

Authors must respect the articles of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature and International Code of Botanical Nomenclature, and its recommendation.



Online submittion



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