Volume 2 Number 2 December 2004

Systematics and Evolution

Barcoding Biological Diversity: A New Microgenomic Identification Approach
Bazartseren Boldgiv [Preview] [PDF]


Ecology, Behaviour and Conservation

Saker Falcon (Falco cherrug milvipes Jerdon) mortality in Central Mongolia and population threats
Sundev Gombobaatar, Damdin Sumiya, Osor Shagdarsuren, Eugene Potapov, Nick Fox [Preview][PDF]


Illegal and Unsustainable Wildlife Hunting and Trade in Mongolia
Peter Zahler, Badamjav Lhagvasuren, Richard P. Reading, James R. Wingard, Sukh Amgalanbaatar, Sundev Gombobaatar, Nigel Barton and Yondon Onon [Preview] [PDF]


Methods and Routes of two German-Mongolian Zoological Expeditions through the Steppe, Semi-Desert and Desert Zones of Mongolia in 1995 and 2002
I.W. Stuermer, C. Tittmann, O. Kalberlah, K. Plotz, R. Tungalag, D. Surjo , R. Frey, R. Samjaa[Preview] [PDF]


Short Communications

Recent Management and Conservation Initiatives for Mongolian Gazelle, Mongolian Saiga Antelope, and Gobi Bear
Peter Zahler [Preview] [PDF]


The Management of Brandt’s Vole in Mongolia: Toward an Ecologically Based Means of Control
Peter Zahler, L. Dolgormaa, Lyn A. Hinds and Andrew T. Smith [Preview] [PDF]


International Workshop on the re-introduction of the Przewalski’s horse
Petra Kaczensky and Chris Walzer [Preview] [PDF]


Impacts of Gray Wolf (Canis lupus Linnaeus 1758) on Wildlife and Domestic Animals in Great Gobi Strictly Protected Area Sector ‘B’ and Coordination of the Issues
Namtar Enksaikhan [Preview] [PDF]


Notes from the field

Careful Screening Needed for Scientific Publications on Endangered Species
Bazartseren Boldgiv [Preview] [PDF]


Census of Cranes and Geese in Dalai Lake and Huihe Nature Reserves in Inner Mongolia, China, 2004
Oleg A. Goroshko, Liu Songtao and Bao Ler [Preview] [PDF]


Book Reviews

Introduction to Bayesian Statistics by William M. Bolstad, 2004, 354 pages, ISBN 0-471-27020-2, A John Wiley and Sons, Inc., hardcover, US$84.95.
Bazartseren Boldgiv [Preview] [PDF]



Ernst Mayr (1904-2005)
Bazartseren Boldgiv and Nigel Barton [Preview] [PDF]


Conference Announcements

Conferences and Events
[Preview] [PDF]


Online submittion



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