Volume 2 Number 1 June 2004

Systematics and Evolution

Oribatid Mites of the Superfamilies Gymnodamaeoidea and Plateremaeoidea (Acari: Oribatida) from Steppe of Russia
Badamdorj Bayartogtokh and Ilya Smelyansky [Preview] [PDF]


Ecology, Behaviour and Conservation

A New Method of Argali (Ovis ammon) Capture using Horsemen and Drive- nets
Rob Roy Ramey II, Tuya Tserenbataa, Sukhiin Amgalanbaatar and Z. Namshir [Preview] [PDF]


Connectivity, Corridors and Stepping Stones: Conservation Implications of Roe Deer Distribution on the Eastern Steppe
Kirk Olson, Peter Zahler and Daria Odonkhuu [Preview] [PDF]


Physiology, biochemistry and Biophysics

A Study to Detect CAM Plants in Mongolia
Shagjjav Oyungerel, Tsagaanbandi Tsendeekhuu & Gundsambuu Tserenkhand [Preview] [PDF]


Hydrochemical Characteristics of Selenge River and its Tributaries on the Territory of Mongolia
Bazarova J.G., Dorzhieva S.G., Bazarov B.G., Barkhutova D.D., Dagurova O.P., Namsaraev B.B. and Zhargalova S.O. [Preview] [PDF]


Scientific Wealth of Mongolia on a Global Scale
Bazartseren Boldgiv, O. Shagdarsuren, Kh. Terbish and Bazartseren Boldbaatar [Preview] [PDF]



Status of Ungulates in Numrug Strictly Protected Area
Kirk Olson, George B. Schaller, Lhamjaa Myagmasuren, DariaOdonkhuu and Peter Zahler[Preview] [PDF]


Notes from the field

Survey of Gobi Bear (Ursus arctos gobiensis) in Great Gobi ‘A’ Strictly Protected Area in 2004
N. Batsaikhan, B. Mijiddorj, Sh. Boldbaatar and Ts. Amgalan [Preview] [PDF]


Takhi's (Equus przewalskii Polj.,1883) Home Range and Water Point Use
Oyunsaikhan Ganbaatar [Preview] [PDF]


Data for Waterbirds at Buyr Nuur (Eastern Mongolia)
Oleg A. Goroshko [Preview] [PDF]


New Discovery of Bream Fish (Abramis brama orientalis Berg, 1949) in the Orhon River, Northern Mongolia
Nyamsuren Batsaikhan, Sumiya Battulga [Preview] [PDF]


Book Reviews

A Primer of Conservation Biology by R. B. Primack, D. Batbold, R. Samiya, and N. Batsaikhan. 2003. 423 pages, paperback edition, ISBN 99929-5-858-8 (in Mongolian). 8000 tugrugs
Bazartseren Boldgiv [Preview] [PDF]


Biodiversity: An Introduction by Kevin J. Gaston and John I. Spicer. Blackwell Publishing, 2004. US$49.95
Bazartseren Boldgiv [Preview] [PDF]



Maynard Smith, John (1920–2004): Game is not over
Bazartseren Boldgiv [Preview] [PDF]


Conference Announcements

Conferences and Events
[Preview] [PDF]


Online submittion



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