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Argali Sheep (Ovis ammon) Movement Corridors Between Critical Resources in Ikh Nart Nature Reserve, Mongolia

James D. Murdoch, Richard P. Reading, Sukh Amgalanbaatar, Ganchimeg Wingard and Badamjav Lkhagvasuren [Preview] [PDF]


The Vegetation of North-Western Mongolia: Floristic Checklist and Conservation Status of Mongolian Grassland Flora 

Katharina Lapin, Andreas Eipeldauer, Gerald Folly, Daniel Mank and Karl-Georg Bernhardt [Preview] [PDF]


Siberian Ibex (Capra sibirica) Neonatal Kid Survival and Morphometric Measurements in Ikh Nart Nature Reserve, Mongolia 

Baatargal Otgonbayar, Suuri Buyandelger, Sukh Amgalanbaatar and Richard P. Reading [Preview] [PDF]


The Role of Microorganisms in Biogenic Elements Cycling in the Dry Steppe Ecosystems of Central Asia

Lyubov’ B. Buyantueva and Elena P. Nikitina [Preview] [PDF]


Wildlife Hunting in Eastern Mongolia: Economic and Demographic Factors Influencing Hunting Behavior of Herding Households

Kirk A. Olson and Todd K. Fuller [Preview] [PDF]


Seasonal Variation of Some Bioactive Compounds and Physiological Characteristics in Peony (Paeonia lactiflora Pall.)

Shagjjav Oyungerel, Gachmaa Batzaya, Gurbazar Byamba-Yondon, Bayasgalankhuu Lyankhua, Naidansuren Ochgerel, Dalaikhuu Usukhjargal [Preview] [PDF]


Activity of Enzymes Involved in Nitrogen and Phosphorus Circulation in Cropland Soils

Jambalsuren Bayarmaa and Dondog Purev [Preview] [PDF]





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