Ecology, Behaviour and Conservation

Status and Distribution of Four Endemic Vascular Plants in the Gobi Altai
Karsten Wesche, Eckehart J. Jaäger, Henrik von Wehrden, Ragchaa Undrakh [Preview] [PDF]


Cinereous Vulture Nesting Ecology in Ikh Nartyn Chuluu Nature Reserve, Mongolia
Richard P. Reading, Sukh Amgalanbaatar, David Kenny and Banzarjav Dashdemberel [Preview][PDF]


Cellular and Developmental Biology

Tissue Culture and Micropropagation of Mongolian Licorice (Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch.)
Yu. Oyunbileg, Kh. Altanzul, Ts. Oyunsuren, D. Bayarlkhagva [Preview] [PDF]


Notes from the field

An Assessment of the Protected Areas of the Eastern Steppe of Mongolia
David E. Heffernan, Peter Zahler, Jason Merkel, Catherine A. Heffernan and Chinzorig Jargalsaikhan [Preview] [PDF]


Comparison of the Diet of Two Desert-living Owls, the Long-eared Owl (Asio otus) and Little Owl (Athene noctua) from Southern Mongolia
Dawn M. Scott, Karen Gladwin and Nigel Barton [Preview] [PDF]


The Feeding Behaviour of Fish from the Upper Lake Baikal Watershed of the Eroo River in Mongolia
Sudeep Chandra, David Gilroy, Surenkhorloo Purevdorj and Manchin Erdenebat [Preview] [PDF]


Short Communications

Taxonomy of Mongolian Bulrushes (Cyperaceae Juss.)
Dashzeveg Nyambayar [Preview] [PDF]


Book reviews

New book: Ecology: From Individuals to Ecosystems by Michael Begon, Colin R. Townsend and John L. Harper, 4th edition. 2005. 738 pages. ISBN 1- 4051-1117-8. Blackwell Publishing. Paperback. US$89.95.
Bazartseren Boldgiv [Preview] [PDF]


New book: Foundations of Biogeography: Classic Papers with Commentaries edited by Mark V. Lomolino, Dov F. Sax and James H. Brown. 2004. 1328 pages. ISBN 0-226-49236-2/0-226-49237-0. The University of Chicago Press. Hardback/paperback US$135.00/$45.00
Bazartseren Boldgiv [Preview] [PDF]


Conferences and Events

Summary of Conferences
[Preview] [PDF]

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